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Having a litigator who pays attention to details can make the difference in the outcome of a difficult legal situation. In business and commercial law, you need a lawyer who will also be your legal counselor. Someone with whom you feel comfortable discussing your legal issues and questions, as well as someone who can answer those questions and advise you about the specifics of your situation.

I am Marty D. Price, Attorney at Law, and that is what I offer businesses throughout Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, and the surrounding communities. When I work with clients, I take the time to understand the whole picture and advise my clients accordingly. Because I have over 29 years of experience, I can anticipate potential issues and help my clients avoid legal pitfalls down the road.

When I represent clients, I am their attorney from the beginning of their  case to the end. I can interpret and help you enforce your originating documents as well as litigate issues that are otherwise unresolvable. I represent individuals and businesses in business and commercial law matters including:

  • Business entity formations
  • Partnership disputes
  • Corporation disputes
  • Breach of or failure to perform fiduciary obligations
  • Intentional deceit
  • Insurance disputes
  • Consumer protection
  • Deceptive trade practices

I help business organizations settle disputes between shareholders, directors, officers, partners and members. Because of my involvement in the litigation and appeals processes, I am well-versed in what issues might come up in the future and draft contract language to appropriately address these issues. I can also advise clients regarding the law as applied to specific contract language or clauses. Contact me online or call 214-871-1386 to discuss the specifics of your legal situation.

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